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Spot UV

We have something of an enviable reputation for our spot UV varnishing skills. We can enable you to achieve a variety of effects for your clients including printed scents for olfactory engagement.

Stand out finishes.

Our spot UV varnish can give you a stunning gloss finish or dense, rich matt to impress both you and your clients. We use one of two different methods to apply the spot UV coating; a fully automated Sakurai silk screen machine or a dedicated Steinemann Top Spot machine with Cyrel® plate. Simply send us your PDF file and we’ll do the rest.

We can run sheet sizes from SRA3 to B1

We recommend a coated stock of 130gm2 minimum weight (uncoated stock will incur an additional charge)

Different grades of varnish available e.g gluable, blockable

Types of Spot UV Varnishing

Speciality UV varnishes

We offer a broad range of special finish varnishes including high-build spot UV, fragrance burst (for scratch and sniff print jobs), silk spot UV, ‘glow in the dark’ UV, thermo chromatic, or simply a colour to make headings or text stand proud.

While we do not offer a colour matching service we do have the expertise to process most varnishing requirements.

Heavier UV varnish

Our machine can also lay down heavier weights of varnish, and the finish is particularly stunning where a quality coated substrate with good ‘hold out’ is supplied. This process is ideal for magazine covers, packaging, posters and promotional products.

Depending on your ongoing finishing needs we can use different grades of varnish such as glueable and blockable, please specify when asking for a quote or placing an order.

Spot UV FAQs

What is high-build spot UV varnish?

It’s a technique where we apply a heavier deposit of varnish to produce greater visual stand-out. We use our silk screen printer, which can also produce textural effects and patterns like leather.

What is fragrance burst?

Often referred to as scratch and sniff, this coating releases a scent when either rubbed or scratched. Using scented inks and patches can build brand memory, which has been found to have an economic benefit. Unilever’s Dove soap brand estimated that smell of product contributed to $63m of its annual US revenues compared to sight $14m.

What is ‘glow in the dark’ UV?

This process uses a phosphorescent ink to highlight certain aspects of print making it appear light in the dark. It can be used for fun projects like Halloween or for safety messages in dark, public settings.

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