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Brands rarely get second chances to make a first impression and promotional items can really help them make their mark. Our speciality gluer machines are ideal for such marketing devices, saving both time and money when quantities are in their thousands.

Same quality, but faster.

A lot of the promotional items we finish like conference folders and keycard wallets for hotels and spas are produced on our folder-gluer for speed and cost effectiveness.

Capacity folders and gusset wallets have to be finished by our handwork department as they cannot be run on our auto assembly machines.

We can produce items like non-capacity pocket folders, CD sleeves, board envelopes and keycard holders

Ideally suited to high volume, low cost assembly jobs

Minimum material weight not less than 250gsm

Auto Assembly FAQ

Why do glue flaps sometimes get moved?

In some cases, we have to move the glue flap to the body of the job to prevent unnecessary marking; it will not affect the appearance of the finished job.

What sizes are suitable for auto assembly?

Our auto gluer can process straightforward A7 to A3 folders, wallets etc, please check with our production team at quote stage to ensure your job is suitable.

What’s the difference between a non-capacity and capacity folder?

A non-capacity folder has no gusset so there’s a point at which it will not stay closed if it contains too many pages. Non-capacity folders can comfortably accommodate up to 15 sheets of 80gsm bond. Beyond that, talk to us about capacity folders and gusset wallets that will need to be finished by our handwork team.

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