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Lamination is a finishing process where a thin layer of film, or foil, is applied to paper or card to improve its durability as well as protect and enhance the print on it. We offer a comprehensive range of laminates, including biodegradable, and can run sheet sizes from SRA4 to B1.

The environmental case for acetate vs OPP.

Orientated polypropylene (OPP) film has been used for many years to cost-effectively laminate print jobs and is recyclable. Brands, however, are increasingly required to act against climate change, which is where acetate laminates from renewable resources could provide a more sustainable solution for your clients.

Acetate does require more care to apply as the flow of adhesive must be precise but our skilled operators are very experienced and accomplished at processing it.

Acetate film is derived from wood pulp but refined more to appear translucent

The range of gloss, matt and silk acetate films offer comparable clarity of print to OPP

All our acetate film is biodegradable which makes it suitable for home composting or recycling

Types of Lamination

Gloss OPP

A striking, glossy finish to enhance the colour in your print, making imagery clear and vibrant. The laminate has a good bond with the substrate, which smoothly facilitates other machine finishing processes.

Matt OPP

A softer finishing effect but still retaining superb visual sharpness. Matt lamination also provides an attractive backdrop for spot gloss UV varnish or the combination could be reversed where spot matt UV varnish is applied over gloss lamination.

Silky Matt OPP

For clients wanting a luxurious silky feel and soft visual sheen but who don’t want a high gloss or rich matt finish then this film’s mix of matt and gloss could offer the perfect solution. The film delivers the same clarity and detail as our other OPP laminates.

Soft Touch

This is one of our most popular laminates as its luxurious tactile finish gives an instant upmarket appeal to numerous jobs. When applied to printed materials it will withstand regular handling, it also has strong anti-scuff properties.

Anti Scuff Matt

This finish is perfect for cover work like brochures, booklets and wallets as it will not mark when they are handled frequently. With anti-scuff matt, your print imagery will be clear and concise, the colours appearing natural and as you intended.

Anti Scuff Silk

This finish is perfect for the polished look and feel and will not scuff throughout the lifetime of the product. With anti-scuff silk, your art work will be glazed in a beautiful, premium finish. A very popular choice for many.

Acetate Lamination

A wood-derived, biodegradable film offering a more sustainable solution for your clients. Available in gloss, matt or silk finishes, this film has a tough surface and, while not anti-scuff, it does afford some reduced marking properties.

Grained & Embossed Lamination

For a realistic textured finish like linen, leather, calico or brush effects then we can help. By laminating and graining in one pass, we could enable you to save time and money. Unlike conventional graining machines, our process allows printed sheets to be grained on one side.

Lamination FAQ

Does lamination prevent print from fading?

Lamination film offers protection against not only scuffs, regular handling and spills but also UV light, which helps maintain print vibrancy and minimises the risk of fading.

What are the main benefits of lamination?

It offers durability of print against regular handling, it can enable items such as menus to be wipeable, it brings the vibrancy of print colours to life, and it can increase the perceived value of your product or service.

Can laminated print be recycled?

OPP laminate can be recycled and shouldn’t be viewed as a single use plastic but if your clients want a truly biodegradable alternative then our acetate film provides the solution.

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