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Creative Cutting
& Creasing

When your clients want to construct something extraordinary, to enable their customers to ‘feel’ their brand, we can help. Touching products increases consumer confidence, it helps them make quality judgements and influences their purchasing decisions. And with so many communications being digital today, the value of touch and haptic engagement has never been greater.

Converting, Printing & Packaging.

Often it all starts with a concept, and we can help you from that point onwards. We have our own cardboard engineer who can advise you and produce proof models to demonstrate a working example before you commit to print. There would be a charge for this, which would be factored in if we’re awarded the project.

We have comprehensive capabilities including die cutting, creasing, perforating, kiss cutting, guillotining, round cornering, as well as carton production. We make our own dies on site and use laser for precision and accuracy.


Range of machinery to cater for sheets from SRA4 to B1

We have a hand-fed machine, Heidelberg Cylinders, and a fully automated high speed Bobst Speria with stripping facilities.

The Bobst Speria die-cutter can run speeds of 7,500 sheets per hour on good board.

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Die cutting was traditionally done using die formes but we choose to use laser for clear-cut edges, pinpoint accuracy and speed. We can cut thicknesses up to 350g.

Creasing and scoring

A sharp crease or score not only helps with the folding process but also looks and feels good. It gives definition to angles and prevents any cracking of the paper, especially when working with thicker weight materials.

Cutting & Creasing FAQs

How can you prevent folds from cracking?

The last thing you need on a print job is white fibre showing through on a cracked fold. Any creasing or scoring to be done should be considered at the design stage as it impacts the print process and other finishes like varnishing.

What’s the difference between scoring and creasing?

Either method can be used to prevent folds from cracking. With scoring, a depression is created in the paperboard, sometimes by removing a rectangular or wedge-shaped piece of the material. With creasing, the paperboard is effectively weakened along clearly defined lines so it acts almost as a hinge.

What does ‘stripping’ mean?

Removing waste from the die cutting process used to be a labour intensive process. With stripping technology, the waste is automatically removed and we don’t lose valuable production time.

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