There are many finishing processes that create not only protection but an eye catching or luxurious finish.

Foiling by Olro is the ultimate in hot foiling, produced using the best in machinery and foiling materials. There is a wide range of foils available in metallics, satins, pigments, pearl, and special effects. If you have specific requirements our production team will be pleased to advise on your particular job.

Olro foils are available in different grades to suit the application onto different substrates, and they have complete compatibility with our film laminates. If you intend us to foil over a UV Varnish then a blockable grade varnish will be used.

Olro will give you the classic finish with the quality of our foiling, so make sure that we quote on your next job. For quoting we will need the quantity, whether processing one or both sides of the sheet, flat sheet size and weight, area size of the images to be foiled, foil description (gold, silver etc), this can be discussed with production.

Please supply a PDF file in black of the image area(s) to be foiled to make a die, full out to the tick marks so we have exact position.

We can process sheet sizes SRA5 up to B1 with stock weights from 90gsm to 400gsm.


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